Boris - Smile Tour 2008

Via Burlesque Design:

Japanese moth attack! Perennial Burlesque favorites BORIS set out on tour in support of their new album, Smile, and asked Aaron Horkey to create the poster to accompany them on the long road. Aaron brought about yet another psychedelic, rustic, decaying masterpiece. Get it while it’s hot!

In case it’s not apparent, this poster is huge at 36” x 25”.  It’s almost like looking at a moth and his surroundings in a microscope - the detail in person is insane.  In addition to the orginal colorway I’ve posted above, a number of test prints were produced that you can see over on EB.  The print on black paper is especially insane.  Finally, it’s worth noting that a print of original illustration was released as part of Aaron’s retrospective letterpress series.  I’ll be posting pictures of that in the near future …